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 One of my first work(Fanfiction)

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PostSubject: One of my first work(Fanfiction)   Sat Jun 28, 2008 4:24 pm

The Legend of the Ghostring, Angeling and Deviling

Chapter One: The Death.

Once Upon a time there were Three
Friends. they are from the race of the Cutest monster in the whole Rune
Midgard named Porings. The three friends are named Mia, Fudo and Kuhei
they were very closed to each other like brothers and Sisters. Mia was
a Cute Poring and a Kind poring aswell.. Kuhei is the badboy in the
group he keeps doing alot of problem like trying to kill a novice but
he endeds up beated by the novice but luckily survives the attacks.
while Fudo is a Nice guy but he is the usual peacemaker on the group
but Mia was more Kind and more Nice than him. He is so envy to mia
because mia is so nice that she doesnt do any sins at all. As usual
Friends gets misunderstanding sometimes. One day.. Fudo and Kuhei had a
Misunderstanding about their apple juice stock. someone took it all and
drank it without any left overs. So Kuhei got Mad because he is the one
who made lots of Apple Juice for them for the coming Storm. Fudo said
he didn't drank it nor took it. but Kuhei was really mad and furious.
Mia saw the two and said to stop. and mia said that she saw a Thief
that tooks the apple juices from their secret hiding place. So Kuhei
said ' Lets Hunt that Thief and Headbutt him to death! ' but Mia and
Fudo refused to do it. but still Kuhei went and travel to morroc to
search for the Thief without saying any words to Mia and Fudo. Mia and
Fudo got worried because they know that Morroc was too far away from
Prontera and too dangerous. and they also know that Kuhei is no match
for the thief. So Mia and Fudo decided to follow Kuhei and Save him
from danger. But their late. When they arrived in Morroc they saw
Kuhei's Body very weakening and almost dying. Kuhei said that the Evil
Thief is Behind Mia and Fudo. then Kuhei fainted. and died. Kuhei's
last word was "Run and save you're life.. Fudo please protect Mia from
Danger." Mia and Fudo Run'ed Quickly with Kuhei's Body but the Thief is
Faster than them. The Thief threw a dagger on Fudo's Back and Fudo got
really hurted. Fudo said to mia to run but she's too late the thief is
already near to them.. the then Thief Killed the Three Poring Friends
without any Mercy..

Chapter 2: The New Beginning

Day later they found out that their still alive but they are not like
before who are really Cute. they found out that they turned to a
Ghostrings. Ghostrings are Porings who died because of some reasons.
They can still talk, Move, and see each other but they just cant be
seen by others. they enjoyed the days that they were ghostrings. they
enjoyed it they flew and go to different places. But Kuhei Changed. His
Attitude has gone wild and bad. he even have fun on stealing the
porings apple juice stocks and throwing them away. Mia got angry and
told Kuhei to Stop. Fudo also said to Kuhei to Stop but Kuhei really
changed. He doesnt Listen to Mia and Fudo and does his dirty bad deeds
still. Then One day.. Mia and Fudo saw a Light coming from the skies.
and a Valkyrie Came down. and Asked Questions. Mia and Fudo was
clueless with what happened. they don't know that the question is a
Test on if they can be a Angeling. Mia Passed The Test. A few Minutes
Mia Turned to a Cute Little Poring with wings named Angeling. But
unfortunately Fudo Didn't Passed it and its because of Fudo's Hidden
Envy to Mia. Fudo is still a Ghostring. and never changed. Mia went to
the heavens leaving Fudo alone. Mia was so sad about what happened to
Fudo. and clueless on what's going on with Kuhei. Mia asked the
Valkyrie on wha happened to Kuhei and Fudo. the Valkryie said that Fudo
is still a Ghostring and will Never Change. while Kuhei Turned to an
Evil one. The Valkrye Used a Magic And Makes the Water a Screen that
shows Mia on what happened to Kuhei. Kuhei went to Glastheim and found
DarkLord. The DarkLord asked Kuhei on what he wants. Kuhei Replied that
he wants to be back to normal and not a ghost anymore. The DarkLord
sense the Evil Spirit of Kuhei and said that he can do everything but
for a cost of his soul. Kuhei Agreed and the DarkLord used his Powers
and Turned Kuhei to a Demon. a Black Poring with Evil Wings. that is
called Deviling. But Kuhei's memory was deleted by Darklord because the
Darklord knows that someday he might fought his Friends.. Mia was
Shocked about what happened to Kuhei. Mia tells the Valkyrie if she can
go back to the earth. but the Valkyrie said she can go back but she
wont get a chance going back here in Valhalla. Mia said " I can take
what ever just to see my Friends and Save Kuhei from Evil. "

Chapter 3: The Priest and the Necklace

three days the Valkyrie decided to warp Mia back to rune midgard. Mia
was sleeping during that time. and after a few hours. Mia woke up
realizing that she is now in some fields in payon. Mia walked around
and saw Fudo. she was surprised that Fudo is still there where Mia left
him. Fudo is still there and waiting for the one who will change him to
angeling. Mia went infront of Fudo and greeted him. Fudo was surprised
because this was the second time he saw an angeling. he was surprised
yet he didn't know that the angeling is Mia. Fudo was still Confused he
said " you're an angeling right? are you going to make me an angel
too?" Mia said no. Mia introduced herself again to Fudo. an d Fudo was
surprised again to see Mia back in the fields. Fudo was very happy
because Mia is back. Mia said that they need to save Kuhei from evil.
She asked a help from Fudo. Fudo Accepted. fudo said that he will help
mia at no cost. he will do anything for her and he will sacrifice his
life just to save fudo from evil. then a few hours ago.. they decied to
take their journey now and travel to the dark ruins of Glastheim. they
did a hard time on going to glastheim they fought lots of Monsters like
Ghouls, Gargoyles, and all the dark creatures. after weeks of traveling
they found out that they are now in the Glastheim Castle. they don't
know where to start finding Kuhei. but they saw a Priest first they was
scared because there was a rumor that humans are bad they kill lots of
porings. they as afraid because maybe the priest will kill them. the
priest wen infront of them without doing anything. the preist said hi
to them and asked them what are they doing here in glastheim the two as
shocked because the priest didin't do anything to them but the priest
buffed them and healed them. they told the priest that they were
seeking for the darklord and they need to save their friend "Kuhei" the
priest laughs. and said "You guys? do you ever think that you can
defeat dark lord? Haha!" Mia said that they can and they will save
their friend and Fudo said they will save their friend at any cost. The
priest was shocked and realized that they have the fighting spirit that
no one can ever defeat. the priest leaded the way to the chamber where
the darklord is. the priest gave a necklace to the two. and said that
if they need help just kiss the necklace and the priest will help them.
the priest disappeard after they took a look on the pendant. but then
they decided to go in the chamber to fight darklord and save Kuhei.

Chapter 4: The Battle.

and Fudo enetred the Chamber and saw Kuhei practicing dark spells. Mia
Silently said to Kuhei that they are here to save him from evil. but
Kuhei didin't replied but yet still continues what he's doing the
darklord saw the two and said "Ooh.. cute the good old friend of Kuhei
is here! Looks kuhei you're old friends are here.. greet them and have
fun with them!" Kuhei the Deviling casts a dark spell to Fudo but
luckily Fudo dodges the attack. Mia Casted a Light barrier that will
protect them everytime. Kuhei laughs and said "is that all you can do?
the barrier? heh." Kuhei casted a big dark spell and tries to damage
Fudo and Mia unluckily their barrier broke and disappeared. Mia tried
to make the barrier again but fails Mia can't do it again. Fudo summons
lots of big whispers and attacks Kuhe. Mia stopped the whispers and
said that "Kuhei is just controlled by the darklord. he's inoccent and
if e kill the darklord Kuhei's Memory will be back for sure." then Mia
Summons alot of Porings and attacks the Darklord. Fudo summons lots of
whispers too and attacks the darklord also. the darklord casted a huger
dark barrier and killed all the porings and whispers. then he Darklord
commanded to Kuhei to Summon Marins and Deviruchi and kill the two.
Kuhei followed the commands and did summon and tried to attack them.
Mia and Fudo used a great spell that killed all Kuhei's summon. Mia
said that we shoul focus on tdark lord. and Fudo agreed. Fudo and Mia
charged their energy and made a mixed Magic that breaks the Barrier of
Darklord they rushed to the darklord and tries to damage the darklord
but the darklord was really tough he didin't felt anything. yet the
darklord cast a Meteor Storm that made Fudo and Mia's Defense down and
they are really damaged that they are near to death. Mia remembered the
priest and the necklace and tried to kiss it. then..

Chapter: 5 The Saviour.
moment mia kissed the necklace a great Crusader and a Priest appeared
infront of Mia and said "need help?" Mia was shocked the priest
appeared with a crusader with a big sword and shield. the Darklord was
shocked too and casted again the dark barrier to prevent the crusader
and priest from their attacks. The Priest healed all the wounds of Mia
and Fudo and the Crusader casted a Spell and summons a big light cross
from the ground and breaks the barrier of the darklord. the crusader
slashed the darklord an used lots of spells to kill it. the darklord
felt all the slashes because the sword is blessed with holy water the
prest buffed the Crusader and made lots of support spells to buff up
the power of the Crusader then the Crusader Casted a Big Light Cross
coming from the ground and killed the Darklord. Kuhei's Memory went
back and realized on what he have done. Kuhei apologized and they
thanked their saviour. a few days after the battle.. they wwent back to
the payon fields and live happy ever after.

The End.

PS: Soon imma try to make a story for the server chillro xD just for fun Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: One of my first work(Fanfiction)   Sat Jun 28, 2008 4:35 pm

You sure its for "FUN"



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PostSubject: Re: One of my first work(Fanfiction)   Sat Jun 28, 2008 4:44 pm

Ashieboy™ wrote:
You sure its for "FUN"


well yea making fanfic is my past time -.- so.. but i still need to think for a good plot -.-

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PostSubject: Re: One of my first work(Fanfiction)   Sat Jun 28, 2008 5:03 pm

Good Plot, Heaven and Hell. Bout the Greatest Server players death by a Heroic act. and a rise of new heroes. No

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PostSubject: Re: One of my first work(Fanfiction)   

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One of my first work(Fanfiction)
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