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 Homunculus AI

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PostSubject: Homunculus AI   Thu Jun 05, 2008 4:20 pm

Homunculus AI

Features :

- Configurable "Tact List":
each monster you can choose a different behaviours and how your
homunculus will use his/her aggressive skills (no skill for some
monsters, only one shot for others, and so on... and skill levels), so
that your homunculus can attack some monster (with different
priorities) or he/she can react only to an aggression. The AI can also
avoid to engage in combat with some monsters (avoid mode) or (in coward
mode) can attack some monsters only when they are "tanked" by the
Please visit roempire database for new IDs or click on the ID link in the Control Panel.

- Friend List:
is disabled for player in the friend list, so the homunculus can
cooperate with party members or he/she can be tanked by a friend. To
add or to remove someone from the friend list, move the homunculus
(alt+right click) to a cell north or south from that player. The
omunculus does a cute movement when you add a friend to the list, and
another movement when you remove him/her. The friend list is saved in
Friends.txt (in the USER_AI folder).

- Auto Aid Potion:
can choose when to throw potions to your homunculus (when attacking,
when escaping or both, and the minimum HP percentage). The AI has a
smart out of potion detection (you can disable this feature).

- Alchemist auto-attacks:
Cart Revolution for multiple targets and weapon-based single-target skills when there is only one enemy (eg. Bash with a Cultus)

- Anti KS:
the AI checks for both monster and other player targets

- Fast follow:
optimizations have been done, and now your homunculus walks very fast
when he/she follows you; moreover he is smart enough to disengage
his/her target and follow you when you flee away from too many monsters.

- Recharge and patrol:
the AI waits until HPs are fully recharged, then it starts to patrol around the owner

- Obstacle detection:
archers and bathory webs don't stop the AI, and the AI can detect obstacles on her path.

- Escaping mode:
the humunculus is under attack and his/her HP are less than the secure
level, then the AI starts evasive maneuvers (the AI then hopes that you
help your homunculus in danger with (auto) aid potion or (auto) attacks)

- Defensive mode:
AI goes in defensive mode when HPs are low (the homunculus will only
react to attacks in order to defend himself or you, until the HPs are
good enough to start an aggressive attack). If you choose "Cautious"
option, the AI will ever stay in defensive mode.

Other features:
- The AI can remember the passive mode (alt+t) even when you teleport, change map, relog, and so on.
- There is an option that limits the interception range of your homunculus so he/she doesn't go too far
- If the owner or a friend is under attack, the homunculus comes to help
- If the owner or a friend attacks a monster, the homunculus comes to cooperate

- Plugins and Mods support:
script writers can add new functions or changes. Please note that the
file name of a mod must end with "_Mod.lua" (e.g.: PvP_Mod.lua).

1. WARNING: backup your Config.lua before to install this version over an older version of this AI!
2. extract the files in your Ragnarok folder\AI\USER_AI
3. don't forget to type /hoai in your client: this command tells the client to load the user's AI instead of the default AI.

Direct link to DL site:


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PostSubject: Re: Homunculus AI   Thu Jun 05, 2008 6:45 pm

FileFront is broken LOL
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Homunculus AI
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